I was born in 1995 in Ankara. I started my formal education at Ankara Private Tevfik Fikret School. Following my graduation from secondary school, upon the guidance of my fine arts teacher, I decided to prepare for Ankara Fine Arts High School's special talent examination.

    Having successfully passed the talent examination, I found a chance to practice in several fields of plastic arts. Also, I improved myself theoretically. During these times, I held my first personal exhibition, joined some group exhibitions and participated in art events. In my last year, I started to prepare for the talent examinations of the universities. I had the opportunity to study graphic design at Hacettepe University.


    During my first year at university, with the help of one of my high school teachers, I joined a team, which has created and supported Art & Society Association. Within the same year, I was selected for an art project, organized by the Faculty of Foreign Languages. I went to Belgium and stayed there for a short time to lead this international art project. After my arrival in Turkey, I held my second personal exhibition (an illustration exhibition).


    I discovered my passion for video arts and then directed my first short film. As time went by, video arts became my main interest.


    In the third year of my studies, I went to Spain as a part of an Erasmus project. I extended my studies for one more year. During my stay, I had the opportunity to improve my Spanish. Meanwhile, I organized my third personal exhibition (a photo exhibition). I kept working on video arts and received awards from film festivals.


     The biggest reason for my interest in video arts is, because, it is the crossroad of all the other art categories. Currently, I am working on some commercials, movies & TV series projects.