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2022 - Film Festival

A mini-series that I have written and directed, "Dark Tales", received an "Official Selection" in the "Best Director" category from Buenos Aires International Film Festival - Web Series.

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2022 - Short Film Competition

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) organized a screening for "Dark Tales"— a mini-series I have written and directed.

2022 - Short Film Competition

One of the short films that I have written and directed “Sufle”, received the “Special Mention Award” from the Sabancı Foundation 6th Short Film Competition.


2019 - Base İstanbul Exhibition

One of the short films that I have written and directed “Deus Ex Machina” was selected for display at the 2019 Base İstanbul. Exhibition— a notable event known to host many well-known artists, critics, and art dealers.

2018 - Photography Exhibition

I lived in Spain for two years as part of an Erasmus program. During this period, I captured numerous photos in several Spanish cities. I held an exhibition of those photos called "Una Mirada Extranjera" (From the Eyes of a Stranger).

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2018 - Film Festival

A music video that I have directed for Spanish Rock band’s song “Soul & Breathing”, was qualified as a "Winner" in European Cinematography Awards.

2018 - Film Festival

A music video that I have directed for a Spanish Rock band’s song “Soul & Breathing”, received an "Official Selection" from Gold Movie Awards.


2016 - Film Festival

One of the short films that I have written and directed “Deus Ex Machina”, received an "Official Selection" from Roselle Park Shorts! Film Festival.

2013 - Illustration Exhibition

I held an illustration exhibition called "Self-Expression" with sketches that I doodled on the desks of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Some cherished them as art, others argued that it was vandalism. In the end, the exhibition sparked great interest among teachers and students.

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2013 - Erasmus IP Art Project

During my university education, I was selected for an Erasmus IP project and went to Belgium. Along with art students coming from all around the world, we painted an Antwerp legend on canvas using (only) chocolate. I came up with the concept and thus lead the project. The painting is still on display in a chocolate museum today.

2012 - My First Personal Exhibition

I decided to hold an exhibition at my previous school Tevfik Fikret. Within this event, the works that I made in plenty of disciplines, (charcoal, acrylic, oil color...) were put on display for the very first time.


2012 - Stage Performance

I took part of a stage performance at Ankara Fine Arts High School. While music students performed “The Four Seasons” by Vivaldi, art students visualized four seasons on four different canvases in 10 minutes.

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