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I was born on the 17th of April, 1995 in Ankara. I started my formal education at Tevfik Fikret School. I studied French for eight years. Following my graduation, I decided to prepare for Ankara Fine Arts High School's special talent examination.

Having successfully passed the talent examination, I had the chance to practice in several fields of plastic arts while also improving my theoretical knowledge. During this period, I held my first personal exhibition. In my last year, I started to prepare for the talent examinations for universities. Among several schools I got accepted into, I finally decided to study graphic design at Hacettepe University.

In my first year of college, under the guidance of one of my high school teachers, I joined a team that has created Art & Society Association. Within the same year, I was selected for an international art project, organized by the Faculty of Foreign Languages. I went to Belgium and stayed there for a short period to lead this art project. After returning to Turkey, I held my second personal exhibition with the illustrations I made.

During my education in Fine Arts Faculty, I discovered my passion for cinema, and not long after, I directed my first short film. As time passed by, cinema became my main interest.

In the third year of my studies, I went to Spain as part of an Erasmus project. I lived in Valencia for two years. During my stay, my Spanish improved quite a lot. I organized my third personal exhibition with the photos that I captured in different cities. I resumed working on productions during my studies there. Some of my works were nominated for local and international film awards.

Following my graduation, I became the co-founder of a creative agency and production company called PX Studio. I worked as a creative director on the agency side, and as a film director/scriptwriter on the production side.

Cinema has a special place in art history because it is a combination of previous disciplines. As a result, it has the strongest impact on people. That's why after all these years my heart keeps beating 24 frames per second.

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