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I was born on the 17th of April, 1995 in Ankara. I started my formal education at Tevfik Fikret School. I studied French for eight years. Following my graduation, I decided to prepare for Ankara Fine Arts High School's special talent examination.



By clicking on the "More" button, you can display my filmography. You can check the list of the video productions I worked on, along my film journey.


“He generated well-matched ideas four our friendly-brand stance and our slogan. He also put into practice the script that we agreed upon in a very professional way. After this advertising project, we received very positive comments. Hence, I can say that Efe Tuncay is artful, maneuvering; fast and clever thinking.” 

Nisa Emanet

Decathlon Social Media & PR Specialist



“In April 2019, Efe Tuncay prepared an advertising project on behalf of our company and gained our appreciation by doing it so. I believe that he will lift you and your team with his energy, professional approach, and enthusiastic attitude.” 

Selahattin Birgül

BluTV Art Director


“As the members of the Paul Blest band, we are very happy to work with Efe Tuncay. He did an outstanding job by creating our first music video, which is highly praised in Alcoi. We would like to work with him again for our future projects.” 

Paul Blest

Spanish Rock Band

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